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I hope this message finds you doing well and enjoying the fall temperatures. 

I am having a wonderful time traveling with our WGM Wanda Ryan along with members of the Grand Family. I have been visiting different parts of Kansas and  discovering so many things.  I have also had the privilege of meeting so many Star members and making new friends. 

I recently had the opportunity to travel with Wanda to Coats, Kansas (population 83). This is where our WGM presented Mildred Eubank with her 75 year pin on October 14, 2017. Wanda and I followed Robert Ott, PGP to Mildred's home where family and friends were waiting for our arrival. 

Mildred was nervous about a visit from the Worthy Grand Matron! She had been reading her ritual, "just in case" she was asked any questions prior to the pin presentation! She was absolutely adorable!

After Wanda presented the 75 year pin, Mildred asked that her sister (also a PGM) pin her. (Her sister will receive her 75 year pin - next year)

Then Mildred preceded to tell everyone how she was still involved in the farming operation, introducing her two grandsons who actually do the planting and harvesting. And yes, they do plant cotton! She then visited with members of her grand family and shared some of her Eastern Star adventures.

There are no words to describe how meaningful this afternoon was for everyone who attended. Mildred is absolutely adorable and full of spunk. 

I am so blessed to be traveling with Wanda, taking pictures of the Grand Family. However, my most special pictures are of the members who share their kindness and love. Just like Mildred. Thank you for the memories. 

Star Love to all of you. 

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Welcome, September! http://catherinezimmers.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/welcome-september Hello! The last two months have gone by so fast! It was as busy as ever and I got nothing extra done! I was in the hospital for almost a week in July, then in September, a kidney decided to put me to bed for about 6 days. Goes to show that every day is a special day, never knowing what the next day will bring! Thank you so much to everyone who took pictures for me and sent them my way for Wanda's web site!  I received some great pictures, and really missed being with you on those different occasions. Remember, that I am on the road a lot with our WGM and upon returning home, I try to edit the pictures before posting. Since April, I have taken over 5,000 pictures! That's a lot of pictures! Your patience with me is greatly appreciated. However, if you are needing a special picture (s), please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, email, or Face Book. Well, back to editing! Until we meet again - Star Love to Each One of You!  

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Editing Pictures and Posting the Traveling Gavels!! http://catherinezimmers.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/editing-pictures-and-posting-the-traveling-gavels WOW!

What a ride! I have been traveling with our WGM along with other grand officers over the past week visiting Ulysses, Wichita, Clearwater, Liberty, and  Greensburg! I have never been in that part of state and found it absolutely beautiful! I was fascinated by the miles of wheat fields, and grain elevators along with the number of semi-trucks. I had to stop in Dodge City to take pictures of the huge cattle lots while reading about the weight and number of cattle butchered daily. Today, I visited Weir, Kansas. It was really nice sharing a meal with all of the members, celebrating their 50-year member, along with honoring their District Aide.

I have arrived home for the evening and will be working to download and begin the editing process of hundreds of pictures. HOWEVER, it is open for members! Yes, the Kansas map showing the location of the Traveling Gavels! OK, the little bouncy things are not gavels - however, I promise when I have a little more time - I will design some "gavels" for the map! Members are having fun with the Traveling Gavels. While in Weir today,  Pittsburg brought six visiting members and left with the yellow gavel!  


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On the Road Again! http://catherinezimmers.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/on-the-road-again After taking a week off from traveling, the WGM will be packing again for a trip this Saturday, continuing on into next week! Looks like we will be in Hoisington, Ulysses, Clearwater, and Liberal - just to name a few! Hope everyone is enjoying the pictures - everything has been posted! I will have the camera and lenses ready to join the WGM on Saturday - so remember "SMILE!" 

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Welcome! http://catherinezimmers.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/5/welcome Hello to all of my OES family and friends! Due to some difficulties on the Kansas Grand Chapter Web Site, I developed this photo site just for you! It will allow me to share with you pictures that have been taken to date as I have traveled with Wanda to many events. If you have any questions, please let me know by sending a message through this site or sending me an email at ceazimm@cox.net. Enjoy and have fun!

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