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It has been a wonderful 2017 - 2018 taking pictures for Wanda Ryan WGM! Thank you so much for having trusted me to capture your installation, state travels, and 2018 session! I have learned so many things about photography, and tried hard to capture those special moments for Wanda.  

However, that session has come to a close. Mary Hayselden WGP and Steve Boyer WGP have been installed and they have taken off running! I am packing a new camera bag along with a new filtered lens, and a special toy that fits my lens for those special pictures!  I am so honored to be traveling again with my camera, capturing Mary and Steve as they greet new and old members!

I hope that everyone is able to find and see the pictures on Zenfolio. It has so many great options for photographs and viewers! However, if you have any difficulties - you can find me in the book - call me anytime!!


Star Love,

Cathy Zimmers Session Photographer 2018-2019